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“Take a break from reality with this whimsical plot set in flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia for some spellbinding magic at your fingertips.”

12 Me-Time Fall Reads for Working Moms

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“Mindy Tarquini beautifully weaves a tapestry of superstition, time, and hope in her most recent novel, The Infinite Now…Those who enjoy magical realism mixed with a bit of mystery will find themselves highly entertained by The Infinite Now, and the story reminds readers that hope and love are always good guides when we feel we’ve lost our way.”


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“Replete with poignant details, Mindy Tarquini’s The Infinite Now is an engrossing tightrope walk over the relational lines that connect human beings to each other and to time itself…The Infinite Now‘s potent sorcery doesn’t lie primarily in its forays into fantasy and myth, but rather in the humanity of its characters and the energy of its storytelling.”

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““This book offers a well-researched and engagingly drawn portrait of a displaced Italian community in one of America’s most turbulent years. Fiora is a forceful, determined protagonist among an intriguing cast of supporting characters. The first-person descriptions of her life are both vivid and tender…A well-woven tapestry of history, character, and charming mystery.”


“The Infinite Now’s combination of suspense, tragedy, and coming of age is sure to be the next book on your TBR pile.”

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“An easy read with likable characters and a story about love and acceptance, Tarquini’s latest…will captivate readers until the very end.”

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“Mindy Tarquini does a phenomenal job at capturing not only the feel of the time but the feel of people who would have lived there…This book reached out and struck right at my heart. I found myself falling in love – falling hard – with the story, at times nearly crying. If you want to lose yourself in a fantasy that feels all too real, look no further than The Infinite Now.”


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